We offer basic dog training for your new puppy, rescue or existing dog to improve behaviour, enhance your relationship and make your dog more fun and less hassle.Β 

All training is executed by our leading experts on dog behaviour and our 4 week Basic Dog Training class for dogs of all ages and breeds – usually on a weekend morning from 11am.

Our classes will cover:

  • Meeting & Greeting
  • Sit, down & stays.
  • Doorways & going for walks
  • Loose lead walking
  • Good manners
  • Recall

This is a great way to teach your dog some commands, and also have fun doing so. Don’t forget great socialisation skills too!

With 16 years experience behind us, we can work with most dogs and most behaviour issues, producing impressive results, even where others have failed.

You will also benefit from exclusive access into our PDT Obedience Training Facebook group with a valid booking of the class.

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