We understand that you may have questions so we’ve did our best to summarise the most common ones below to save you time.

Boarding Kennels & Daycare

Don’t worry, this is natural for every pet owner and this is something we are well experienced in. All our staff are well-trained to handle your pet and we will do everything we can to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe. We are available to contact at any time should you have any concerns.

If preferred, you are able to book in your dog with us for Doggy Day Care to trial it out. We offer half, and full, day’s care.

Our drop off time is between 2pm to 6pm and our collection times is between 8am to 12pm.

We do offer a flexible system dependent on availability where you can purchase early drop-off and late collection if it is required.

No, all food must be brought along with your pet for the duration of their stay. This is to ensure your pet’s dietary preferences and requirements are met and to ensure your pet remains as comfortable as possible in a new environment.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated to board in the kennels. Proof of vaccination is required.

No, all pets are kept seperate from each other and are never exercised together (unless from the same household and we’ve been instructed to do so).

Kennel Cough must be given to the dogs 3 weeks prior to staying.

If they do not have the required vaccines, they must provide a Titre test to prove they have the sufficient antibodies to protect them.

No, all dogs are seperated in their own kennels and are exercised seperately if staying in single kennels.

We have very experienced and qualified staff who have the ability to handle all varieties of dog. All animals are housed, and exercised, seperately and will not come into physical, direct contact with another dog.

Our website only accepts bookings with 24 hours notice. We may be able to accommodate so please get in touch via telephone (on 07773 467851) to check next-day availability. We can follow up with booking confirmation & invoice if we can accommodate.

All bookings are subject to our Refunds Policy. Bookings cannot be cancelled less than 24 hours before they are scheduled.

You will be asked for details of any medical issues your pet may have and for any details relating to medication etc. We can assist in this area as long as suitably practical.

We collect your Emergency Contact information as well as the pet’s Registered Vet’s. In the event of an emergency we will get in touch with the Registered Vet’s and contact you as per your preferences set when booking.

Yes, you may leave personal items with your pet. You will be asked for details of such when booking. Please note, we are not responsible for any loss/damage to any item left in our care.

Yes, we have a number of Double Kennels available to book. When booking, select ‘ Double Kennel’ to check availability. This will ensure they stay, and exercise, together as required.

Every dog staying with us gets exercised a minimum of 3 times daily.

Yes, of course. We have AM (8am to 1pm) & PM (1pm to 6pm) half-days. You can book it on the daycare page.

Any other questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer.